10 Marriage Proposal Ideas Which Will Make Them Say Yes!

“Do you want to marry me?” These four magical words are a very special moment in the life of every couple in love. The all-important question is the starting signal for the common future. So, do your best – after all, you want to hear a yes from your loved one. But do not worry, we will help you! Here we have collected the 10 best ideas for an unforgettable marriage proposal – from wonderfully romantic to wonderfully creative.

Planning is everything!

When is the right time to get down on your knee? While some couples take the step towards marriage after just a few months of their relationship, others wait several years. You see: There is no formula for success here – you have to weigh yourself whether you and your dream woman are ready for this new phase of life.

As soon as you are absolutely convinced that your girlfriend has found a place in your heart forever, things get down to business. You shouldn’t ask the question of all questions unprepared but plan carefully. For a successful marriage proposal, you should consider a few things – then you will definitely win the heart of your chosen one. And now let’s move on to our collected ideas for the all-important question.

  1. Picnic in nature

If you want to pop the big question in an intimate setting, a picnic in the great outdoors is a good bet. Whether in a beautiful forest clearing, by a picturesque mountain lake or on a colourful flower meadow: the opportunities are endless! 

Take a cosy blanket, cushions and candles with you for the picnic and spoil your dream woman or man with delicious finger food and champagne. In the cold season, you can surprise them with warming fruit tea and tempting chocolate fondue. With so many moments of pleasure, your loved one’s heart will surely open immediately – perfect framework conditions for the question you have in your luggage!

  1. Choose a Personally Meaningful place

Choosing the perfect location for a marriage proposal takes a little tact. After all, you don’t want to ask your loved one to spend the rest of their life with you just anywhere. A meaningful place that connects you with one another is particularly worthwhile. For example, how about exactly where you kissed for the very first time? 

If you don’t necessarily count yourself among the nostalgics, you can also choose a nice destination for a weekend trip together. Maybe your belle or beau has been raving about Paris for a long time. How nice then must it be to ask her all the questions right at the Eiffel Tower or while walking on the Champs-Élysées? Or maybe even in Disney Land?

  1. Candlelight dinner

Would you like to propose a really classic marriage proposal to your girlfriend? Then you should opt for a romantic candlelight dinner. Here is the best place to choose your favourite restaurant together or cook your loved one yourself.

If you decide to have a meal in your home, there are no limits to your creativity. After all, you are the one who chooses the menu and decorates the table. A particularly good idea: At a Chinese dinner, you can hide the engagement ring in a homemade fortune cookie – your girlfriend will be amazed! Maybe your girlfriend also has a preference for a very special dessert? Then you can pack the ring in it too.

Do you like to be creative? Then you can really live out your planned marriage proposal! Perhaps you would like to meet your loved ones on a very personal level – how much better is that than with something self-made? 

  1. Photo album

Create a photo album with photos of you and your girlfriend together. You can also stick in postcards and other things that bind you together. The more personal and detailed the photo album is, the more your loved one will be happy about it. After reminiscing together, your friend finds the big question on the last page.

  1. Homemade film

Organise a DVD evening and surprise your loved one with a self-made film in which you propose to her. If you are really brave, you can watch it as a film preview when you go to the cinema together. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will probably never cease to be amazed.

  1. Marriage proposal package

Put together a package with beautiful gifts, love messages, mementoes and photos. Pack every little thing individually and number them. In the penultimate present, you put a card with the big question and in the last one, you put the engagement ring. You can send this package anywhere, but of course, it’s best if you’re there when you unpack it.

  1. Special afternoon coffee

When the sky is overcast, it is probably most comfortable inside – ideal conditions for the following idea! Invite your friend over for afternoon coffee. Give her a cup that will change her life forever.

As soon as your sweetheart has finished drinking her coffee, she will make a great discovery on the bottom of the cup: “Do you want to marry me?” Here it is in black and white – you ask for her hand with a coffee cup. What a sweet idea!

  1. Marriage proposal with animal help

Hardly anyone can say no to a cute fur nose. Then why not install the four-legged treasure? You can tie the ring around the collar and have your loved one brought to bed in the morning or just take a cute photo with the help of which you can ask the question of questions.

  1. Make it personal

Does your loved one have a special preference or a hobby? Often something like this can be perfectly combined with an application. It’s funny, personal and original. We find these ideas particularly brilliant.

  1. Expect the unexpected

You can also ask the question of the question for a very special activity and choose a moment where you would never expect a marriage proposal, for example, diving, parachuting or a sightseeing flight in a helicopter. It’s all about spontaneity!

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