5 tips for pulling off a trouble-free stag do weekend

When your friend picks you as his best man, there is a lot that immediately goes through your mind. At some point, one scary throughs crosses your mind – how can you put together an unforgettable stag do party? Not all parties are created equal and some are just way better than others. You have probably seen the moving Hangover – there might are some parts. you want to enjoy, but you probably do not want to wake up with a tiger in you room and spend all day finding the groom. One of the first steps to plan an amazing bachelor party is to have a plan – it sounds simple, but a lot of people go into the party unprepared and think miracles will happen. To help you out, we put together few tips to help you with planning your stag party from start to finish.


TIP 1 – Set Your Budget Carefully

Some bachelor parties fall apart even before the big weekend even starts. By being in charge of the planning, you have responsibility over the entire group. To make the most out of the special weekend, it helps to set a budget – either for the entire group or per person. This way you can come up with various options that will end up costing the same and can weight the pros and cons. Talking money is not fun, but it is something that needs to be done. Keep in mind that members of your group might be in a different financial situation. The stag do weekend is all about brotherhood, so you want everybody to be able to participate.


TIP 2- Select a Date and a Stag Do Destination

Next, you need to consider the timing of your stag party weekend. Once you come up with the date or dates, it will help you narrow down the list of possible stag do destinations. Why is the date important for the selection of the destination? Well, some locations are more fun during specific parts of the year and might not be as exciting during the rest of the year. The main stag night season is March through June, which leaves a lot of options on the table. If you want to book a stag party in the UK, London would be your go to destination. If you want to travel to Europe, Prague or Budapest are the most popular destinations in Europe. There are other great cities to explore in Europe – Krakow, Amsterdam, Hamburg, or Riga have become increasingly more popular over the last few years. Whether you go to UK or Europe, the ideal time for your stag party is Thursday through Sunday.


TIP 3 – Accommodation and Travel

Your destination selection will be a big driver in the decision to fly or drive. Whether you decide to drive or book a flight, you want to plan in advance to allow you to take advantage of reasonable pricing. You definitely do not want to book last minute. If you decide to fly and need more information, ask the provider of your stag do weekend for airport or airline tips. Once you figure out how you reach your destination, you should spend some time selecting your accommodation. Your accommodation selection can make or break your entire weekend. Selecting the right location and apartment setup will help you make the most out of your weekend. There are so many options to find the right accommodation – you can use apartment providers like Booking or AirBnb or you can book accommodation through the provider of your stag do weekend. Whichever you choose, make sure to stay within the city centre to take advantage of local nightlife options.


TIP 4 – Stag Do Activities

There are so many things to do in any stag do destination and so many providers who offer a broad range of stag party activities. If you decide to use a stag do agency, do your homework and research their review. Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, or Google reviews are perfect resources to learn more about the agency you want to use. Most agencies offer the same portfolio of stag do activities, so pick the agency that goes out of their way for their clients. Every stag do company will allow you to either build your own weekend or pick one of their stag do packages. By booking a stag do package, you can get a great deal and a perfect combination of activities. Although there are so many fun activities, your budget will help you narrow down the options.

Our tip: ask if the groom to be goes for free or if there are any discounts that your group can get.


TIP 5 – Take Control

A lot of things can happen before or during your stag do weekend – the weather might not be perfect, some bars can be closed, or some friends will cancel last minute. While it is a must to have a plan, you need to keep in mind that you might need to improvise. Having a plan will set you in the right direction, but being flexible will make the weekend one for the books. While you should have your plan A, come up with plan B just in case. It is better to have some options in your back pocket and not use it than be caught off guard.

We hope you found this helpful and will follow these tips to make your stag do weekend incredible.

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