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Day 17: Wedding Guest’s – What to wear?

Today’s blog is aimed at a different target audience; today I will be helping all of those wedding guests whoRead More

Day 16: Destination Weddings

  For those sun-seekers out there getting married in the UK is not worth the unpromising risk. There are soRead More

Day 15: LGBTQ+ Weddings

MR & MR “Should we match?”… “Should we wear something with a contrast”…”Should we wear different coloured suits” “Should weRead More

Day 14: How to Stand Out From Your Groomsmen

In the past, many of the parties that we have done, all had the groom and the ushers in theRead More

Day 13: What Is The Ushers Role?

If your ushers think they are getting these suits for free without a bit of hard work on the day,Read More

Day 12: Dinner Suits For Your Wedding Day

Dinner suits have been a wedding classic for years. Typically worn as either a three piece matching suit, a twoRead More

Day 11: Lets Talk Horse Racing

If like me you sat in on Saturday, in your front living room at 5pm dressed for the races, aRead More

Day 10: How To Accessorise Your Suit

Here it is another cheeky ‘How To Blog’, today we are going to be talking about to to accessorise yourRead More

Day 9: Our Most Popular Suits & Peaky Blinders

Hello again, we hope you are all surviving the boredom of this epidemic or at leased enjoying reading this blogRead More

Day 8: Celebrity Weddings

Welcome back everyone, today we are going to talk about celebrity weddings. We are going to do this in aRead More

Day 7: Casual & Modern Tails

So, we have already talked about traditional tails look in our first blog if you missed it go check itRead More

Day Six: How To Wear Chinos On Your Wedding Day

Suits with chinos has become very popular in the recent years this has probably been due to weddings becoming moreRead More