Creative Wedding Theme Ideas To Make Your Wedding Sparkle

To theme or not to theme – that is the question. Whilst not everybody’s cup of tea, if you are feeling particularly bold, brave, and playful, a themed wedding might be just up your street. When it comes to deciding what theme to use, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. There are so many different themes out there that can help make your special day unique and memorable. In this blog post, we will discuss 4 creative wedding themes that you may not have considered before.

Beach wedding

You can make this theme work by adding seashells and starfish to your décor as well as serving luxurious seafood. If you decide on an underwater theme, why not try renting some snorkeling gear for the guests? This will allow them to go deep into the depths of the ocean while they enjoy themselves without scaring any fish away.

When it comes time to hand out favours at these types of weddings, something like personalised shell necklaces would be perfect since there are so many different kinds of shells in all shapes and colours.


Casino themed wedding

Another creative theme is a casino wedding. Why not add some excitement to your special day by having the groom and his groomsmen dress up in tuxedos with a hint of gold, while the bridesmaids wear dresses that have a classic black and white look? Why not do away with tradition? Instead of champagne, why not try serving cocktails or high-end liquor so they can really get into gambling mode? When it comes time to hand out favours for this theme, something like custom poker chips would be perfect. In addition, you could also give them personalised glasses that remind everyone just how much fun was had on their big night.


Rock and roll themed wedding

If your groom is a big fan of rock music, why not theme your special day after his favourite artist? A rock and roll themed wedding would be perfect for someone who has always dreamed about their own private Rolling Stones concert. For this type of wedding, you may want to add some fun elements such as hiring a live band or even having the bride wear something with sparkles on it since that’s what most people associate with glamourous stars from decades past. Just remember when thinking about how to decorate these sorts of weddings that you want to keep the look from becoming too tacky. For example, you could have a live band play at your reception while using albums as table numbers and having them sign autographs on the back of guest place cards would be a great idea for these types of weddings.


Egyptian themed wedding

If you choose this kind of party then make sure your décor has gold accents as well as hieroglyphics on everything from invitations to napkins! For entertainment at this type of event try hiring belly dancers while serving food inspired by different cultures such as Mexican cuisine if you go for Mayans or fare if you decide to host an Egyptian-themed party. When it comes time to hand out favours for this kind of event, something like personalised hieroglyphic keychains would be perfect as they can easily fit into anyone’s pocket and still hold everything from cash to house keys.


Whatever theme you choose to go for (or go without), making sure you’re dressed to the nines is key to making sure you are as confident as you can be on your special day. Visit Groom Hire for all your Groom and Groomsmen clothing needs.

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