Day 13: What Is The Ushers Role?

If your ushers think they are getting these suits for free without a bit of hard work on the day, they would be very wrong. Read todays blog below to understand what the ushers roles are. Although the ushers aren’t as central to the big day as the best man is, they don’t have to give a best mans speech, but they do play a large part to the wedding.

Ushers are usually a brother, close male friend or relatives of either side of the couple. The size of your party has no limit, usually a party size is around 5 people although are have seen drastic measures in our Liverpool store, where we did a wedding party of 115 groomsmen!!! Yes ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN. Once the groom has chosen his suits there will be a few fittings you are all required to attend, usually 8 weeks prior to the wedding. Little tasks may be given to an usher running up to the big day, that maybe, picking up the suits or alterations, or helping setting up the wedding venue.
As soon as the ladies get wedding planning, it seems the men get stag planning. SO Let’s talk about the STAG, the best part of being chosen to be involved in there wedding party. So, to all you ushers you best be prepared to give the stag the best time of his life… before his wedding day obviously. If you are not the one planning the over all stag, you can always help pitch in by researching locations, plan the route for a pub crawl or source t-shirts. It seems that dressing up the stag blindfolded in a hilarious costume has become a must do.
Basically your aim is not to end up in these guys position….
When it comes to the big day make sure your ushers are all aware of there roles they have to play, to make sure the day runs smoothly as planned. Here are some jobs we would suggest to hand out to the ushers:
  • Directing guests where to park.
  • Handing out orders of service and make sure the “family” seats are reserved.
  • Carrying flowers from the church to reception venue.
  • Looking after the elderly by making sure they are comfortable.
  • Gathering left over possessions at the end of the night.
  • Helping photographers to herd people
  • After the wedding ceremony, make sure everyone knows where they need to be.
  • If the reception is in a different location, handing out maps might be a good idea.
  • Having a list of local taxi firms for the end of the night.
On the day – Getting ready can be a super stressful time on the morning of the wedding, therefore make sure you arrive on time to if you’re not staying over the night before. Page boys & younger members of the household can usually be tricky when trying to get them ready, why not help get them sorted if needed.
Once you are all ready grab a pre drink to calm the nerves & your ready to get this show on the road.
As the service begins it is always a great idea to have one of the ushers remaining stood at the back, this will help any distractful late cummers.









Towards the end of the night everyone is sure to of had one to many, always have one sensible usher keeping an eye out for overly drunk guests. This usher will need to be ready with a glass of water or strong coffee in hand to help avoid anyone ruining the atmosphere/night. It’s also a good idea to be familiar with the numbers of local taxi firms so you can pass them on to guests at the end of the night who aren’t sure of the area.

At the end of the day the usher has not got a major role on the big day. If on the day you are an usher and you have not been given a front line job, make sure you are the first on the dance floor, ready with the tissues for all the tear jerkers & lastly, make sure everyone is having fun, no sad/bored faces in the corner.

& rest that is your job done for the day…….


I hope you learnt something from todays blog, on day 14 we will be giving out some of our best tips on standing out as the groom from the groomsmen.



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