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Q:When will you be back open?

A:After the Primeminister’s speech on Sunday 10th May it looks although we will be in the criteria of opening the beginning of June. As we can not currently confirm a date as of yet, we have informed everyone that we will be posting a confirmation date on Facebook, Instagram & the website.

Q:Can we just enter the store or do we need an appointment?

A:We are only working via appointments during this period. The only appointments that will be available are new bookings & Final fittings. There will be no first fitting appointments available.

Q:How many people can I bring with me to my appointment?

A:During this period we have decided to take the measure of only allowing the couple getting married for a first appointment & final fittings will be done 2 people at a time. Any additional family members/ friends will be asked to stay outside. 

Q:Do I need to wear a mask?

A:We would advise bring your own mask but if not you will be asked to wear one that we have provided for you.

Q:Why are there no first measure appointments?

A:Unfortunately we have decided to cut our first measures as an available appointment to customers. We believe this is something that can take place at home, we have also helped you out by creating a video on how to measure at home.

Q:What measures are you meeting to create the sanitary and health of others?

A:We have spent weeks prior to opening to make sure we are ready to open with a high level of sanitary and clean workspace for our customers and staff. We have a system in place for when customers enter the store, this is stated in the ‘Entering the store’ section above. When you enter the store you will be required to hand sanitize, wear your mask or one of ours provided, an option to wear gloves we have provided, and a 2-meter system marked out in store. After every appointment we are also cleaning the changing rooms to meet the standards ready for our next customers. 

Q:Are the toilets available to use?

A:Our toilets will not be open for the use of customers. The shop has clearly been marked out by yellow and black tape to show where customers are not permitted to enter.

Q:What is the procedure of postponing or canceling my wedding?

A:So far we have had almost 100% of our weddings this year placed on hold or postponed to the end of the year/next year. When a wedding has been placed on hold & waiting to be re-dated, we have just placed in our hold file until we are informed on a new date. Wedding dates that have been rescheduled to a new wedding date have had their monies transferred over to the new date; Final balances will be due 30 days before the new wedding date.