Peaky Blinders Suit Hire

Despite showcasing its final series in 2022, Peaky Blinders remains as popular as ever. But it’s not the intense storylines, the loveable (and hateable) characters or the exceptional script writing that stays in people’s minds – it’s the fashion. 

Set just after the First World War in 1920s’ Birmingham, Peaky Blinders follows the Shelby family, a semi-fictional crime gang who are wrapped up in robberies, criminal operations, illegal betting, gang violence and more. The Shelbys are of a working class background and this is clearly displayed in their behaviour but also the outfits they wear. 

Prior to the 1920s, it was typical to wear a more formal morning suit. Morning suits were common in the upper classes (think Downton Abbey), but were gradually being replaced by the more informal lounge suits (single or double-breasted jackets with matching trousers) or three-piece suits (with an added waistcoat), particularly among the lower classes.

Tommy Shelby is the main character in Peaky Blinders, and he and his brothers all don the same sort of ‘uniform’ – a three-piece suit, Oxford boots, a newsboy cap, a shirt with a detachable collar and a heavy overcoat. Since the show launched in 2013, it’s had a huge impact on men’s fashion (and you can even find the Peaky Blinders-themed bar in Liverpool within the Baltic Triangle). 

If you’re after a suit that will help you look the part of a Peaky Blinder, read on for some ideas, including how you can modernise the style for any formal occasion. 

What suits do the Peaky Blinders wear?

The most common suits worn by the Peaky Blinders are: 

  • Lounge suits

The lounge suits of the 1920s were a little different to those worn today. While we wear trousers that start at the hips, the Peaky Blinders’ series showcased high-waisted suit trousers that had slightly pleated fronts. The length was a little shorter than we’d expect to see today, too, and the gang wore chunky Oxford boots instead of the modern brogue or Oxford shoe. 

  • Tweed suits

If you’ve watched the series, you’ll notice the Shelbys mainly wear thick wool fabrics, like tweed, in dark colours. This is probably due to the chilly and wet Birmingham weather. Tweed and wool are also easier to clean than other materials and are generally more durable, ensuring the suit lasts longer. This would have been important for lower-class families who didn’t have much money. 

  • Three-piece suits

As well as the lounge suit, three-piece suits feature in a large portion of the series, and certainly helped boost the popularity of waistcoats. It’s thought that waistcoats were worn by the lower classes because they helped to keep the tie out of the way. 

The upper classes could afford expensive tie pins that were encrusted with diamonds and other precious metals. The Shelbys wouldn’t have been able to afford this, so waistcoats served that purpose instead. They would, however, accessorise their waistcoats with watch chains or pocket watches to add a bit of class. 

This would be the ideal Peaky Blinders wedding suit look if you want to bring the Shelbys to your big day.

If you want to create the Peaky Blinders’ look yourself, here are some of our most popular suits to help you achieve that modernised 1920s’ style. 

Our Grey Peaky Blinder-style suits

First up is the Argyle Grey suit and this ticks all the boxes – three-piece suit and tweed. This is the perfect Peaky Blinders grey suit thanks to its subtle herringbone pattern, one that was worn by Tommy Shelby throughout the series. It’s a classic suit (also available in brown) that’s ideal for a wedding or other formal occasion in the cooler months (October to April). For the full Peaky Blinders look, add a wool overcoat or even a newsboy cap.

A great alternative is the Malton suit. The pattern is much more subtle, yet it still fits the Peaky Blinders brief, being dark grey in colour with black detailing on the pockets. It’s the ideal suit for year-round occasions and is certainly one you can wear again and again. For a different look each time, switch up the waistcoat and tie combination, or try adding some accessories, such as a pocket watch or watch chain. 

Brown Peaky Blinders-inspired suit

Brown tweed offers a more countrified look, making this brown Peaky Blinders suit ideal for any barn or country manor wedding. The Argyle Brown can be worn with a matching tweed waistcoat or paired with a contrasting colour, such as navy blue. 

Its lighter colour makes it ideal for any formal occasion at any time of year. While light brown wasn’t a colour popularly worn by the Shelbys, you can still add a Peaky Blinders feel with Oxford boots or a newsboy flat cap.

Argyle Brown Suit

The popular green Peaky Blinders-style suit

If it’s a Peaky Blinders green suit you’re after, the Gawsworth is the ideal choice. Its subtle sage colour means you’ll be sure to blend in at whatever event you’re attending. Made with Gawsworth tweed, the pattern showcases a very subtle blend of green, orange and red. 

While it’s another colour not worn by the Shelbys, its thick material certainly gives that Peaky Blinders feel that you’re after.

What Peaky Blinders accessories should you add to your suit?

There are a number of accessories you can pair with your suit to give a true Peaky Blinders appearance. 

The first and most obvious is a pocket watch chain. The chain connects to a button on the waistcoat, usually via a T-bar, and drapes into the pocket. Classically, the chain is gold, but you could also choose a silver chain to modernise the look. 

Then there is the tie bar. While these aren’t necessarily needed when you’re wearing a waistcoat, both can be worn together to create a more formal appearance. The colour of the tie bar should match the watch chain (if you have one). 

An accessory that sometimes gets forgotten about is the collar pin. They were designed to keep a detachable collar in place and to allow a tie to stand proud of the shirt, meaning they had a dual purpose. Collar pins can add a subtle touch of glamour to your suit.

Finally, if you really want to accessorise like a Shelby, consider the newsboy cap. It is similar to the flat cap, but differs in that it is made up of eight separate pieces of material, joined up to give a rounder appearance than a flat cap. There is usually a button placed on top where all the material meets, and comes in a variety of patterns and materials. Consider a wool newsboy cap to match your suit, as well as the style of the 1920s.

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