What colour tie should you wear for your wedding

When choosing a wedding suit, you might think about the colour of your suit, waistcoat, shoes and even your belt. But the thing that often gets thought about last is the colour of your tie. While it may seem a small detail, it’s important to pick a tie that goes both with the suit and the overall colour scheme.

Perhaps you aren’t the groom but a wedding guest, and you’re wondering what colour tie goes with a grey suit for a wedding, or what colour tie matches a navy suit. With countless colours and styles available, selecting the ideal thing can feel overwhelming. 

Ties come in every colour you could imagine, including blue, green, red, purple, orange, black, white, grey, and more! Add to this the numerous materials and patterns you can have, and it’s no wonder you’re feeling a little lost.

Whether you’re aiming for a classic look, a modern twist, or something uniquely personal, we hope our guide helps you to navigate all the options available, and find the tie that best represents you.

What colour ties go with a grey or charcoal suit?

The colour tie you should wear with a grey suit may depend on how light or dark the suit is. 

Should you wear a light grey suit, avoid a light grey tie as it won’t offer enough contrast. Jewel and pastel colours will pair wonderfully instead, so think bold blues or purples or cool pinks. 

A medium grey suit will allow you to either wear a lighter coloured tie or a darker one. Black may contrast a little too much, but a dark grey or navy will look suave and is the ideal choice for both a formal or informal wedding. Don’t be afraid to go with a bold colour tie if you’re wearing a medium grey suit – it can take it!

If you’re wearing a dark grey or a charcoal suit, you can absolutely choose a dark colour to match. Burnt oranges, plum purples and dark greens will offer a subtle contrast.

What colour tie options are there for navy and blue suits?

Navy suits have been much the trend in the last few years, with more brides and grooms choosing this colour than black. It’s such a versatile colour, ideal for any wedding at any time of year. But what colour tie should you wear with a navy or blue suit?

The colour you choose may also depend on the colour of your shirt. A blue suit doesn’t just require a white shirt, but you can wear a light blue one or a pink one. 

With a blue suit and blue shirt, you can also wear a blue tie. A patterned one would add some much needed contrast. Alternatively, you can introduce a colour such as burgundy, burnt orange, maroon or even dusky pink (a popular choice for bridesmaids). 

If you’re daring a bolder colour shirt, such as pink, you can wear a dark pink or a blue tie. A patterned tie that contains a combination of both would work well too. 

Of course, you can’t beat a crisp white shirt with a blue suit. Most ties will work with this combination, so you can’t go far wrong.

Can I wear no tie to a wedding?

With all this talk of ties, you might be wondering whether you can get away with wearing a wedding suit with no tie. While ties are generally a requirement for both the groomsmen and wedding guests, there are some instances where you can do away with one. 

For a casual wedding or a destination wedding, it may be acceptable to wear a suit without a tie. But for most other weddings in this country, especially a church wedding, it’s advised that you do wear one.

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