Best Wedding Venues in Cheshire

Looking to get married in the Beautiful North West of England? Then you have chosen a tremendous location, whether you are from the area, or you are having a destination Wedding then Chesire is a terrific choice to start the next stage of the rest of your life. Set in idyllic rural countryside, Cheshire is known for some of the grandest buildings and houses in the entirety of the UK, and there are many of these that would make great choices for your special day. All the same, it is incredibly important that you make a perfect location that not only you and your partner love but a location that your friends and family will also never forget. Let’s run through some of the absolute most stunning choices for a Cheshire wedding.



Peckforton Castle


One option would be the stunningly elegant Peckforton Castle. Many have dreamed of getting married in a castle you could be one of the few to make that dream real. The castle has been known for some of the most beautiful weddings; a recent example of this is the American Football star and his wife Russell and Ciara Wilson had a terrifically stupendous destination wedding here in 2016. Peckforton Castle in 1952 was awarded the status of a grade 1 heritage site in the UK, the highest honour a listed building can achieve in the UK. Roughly only 2% of listed buildings in the UK are of Grade 1 standard, the definition of Grade 1 is that the building is of ‘exceptional interest’. The venue can host up to 160 guests so you have the options for a smaller more intimate wedding or a larger grand scale wedding that many would never forget the choice is entirely yours. The 19th-century castle that has 4,000 acres of forest that surround it would most assuredly make a lasting impression of your wonderful day. The castle also has special wedding coordinators with a significant number of years of experience behind them who will be there to make sure that everything goes to plan and help guide you through your day. They are there to make sure that there is no strain or burden for you to face, all you have to do is enjoy yourself and create memories to last a lifetime. There is so much more to Peckforton Castle and this is just scratching the surface but I’m sure if you decided to get married here it would be a most wonderful occasion.




Merrydale Manor


Another possible exquisite location for your wedding could be the wonderful Merrydale Manor. Merrydale Manor is family run so you will receive specific care and attention as they offer the manor house with exclusive access, so it could be just you and your loved ones there on your special day. Merrydale Manor is a newer location however the Irlam family have years of experience in wedding venues so when they opened the doors in 2017 care was taken to make sure that all who got married here had an unforgettable experience. Merrydale Manor has two unique locations unlike other locations, with ‘The Cave’ and The Makeup Suite’. The Cave is a location for the Groom and the Groomsmen to be able to relax before the wedding to make any final preparations before tying the knot, with the vintage design it would also be perfect for some wonderful pictures. The Makeup Suite is a specifically designed elegant space for getting the bride ready for when she goes down the aisle, it has six hair and makeup stations making sure there will be absolutely no need for any stress when it comes to making sure everyone is ready for the big moment when you make your love official. The pièce de résistance with Merrydale Manor has to be the choice between getting married outside if the weather allows or getting married in the exquisite ceremony room the choice is yours to make sure that your wedding is as unique and special to your love as it can be. Again, there is so much more to this location than I’ve been able to mention but there is no doubt that Merrydale Manor offers a wonderful location for your wedding.


Sandhole Oak Barn


As you may or may not know Rustic weddings are incredibly in vogue at the moment and this location offers that in spades. Sandhole Oak Barn offers a rustic rural wedding location that is difficult for other venues to compete against. This location has been hosting weddings since 2005 so they have a lot of experience providing an amazing venue for those that are looking to tie the knot in style. There are 400 acres of Chesire countryside that provide a stunning location for your special day. One incredible feature of Sandhole Oak Barn has to be the incredible lake that the venue is built next to. The lake works incredibly well in conjunction with the scenic countryside, what more could one ask for in making sure the atmosphere is as perfect as possible. Whether you decide to get married outside underneath the clocktower or decide to get married inside the beautiful oak barn I’m certain that your day will be one for the history books. Sandhole Oak Barn also has an award-winning caterer that is there to provide you and your guests with the most wonderful of meals and everyone knows how important the food at a wedding is. Just like the other two mentioned venues, there is so much more to Sandhole Oak barn that I haven’t mentioned and if you do decide to get married here, I’m sure that you will never forget it.

There are many locations in Cheshire that would offer many incredible memories and experiences. So, there is absolutely no doubt that wherever you choose to get married in Cheshire you have made the right choice in picking Cheshire for your wedding as there are not many places in the world that can offer everything that Cheshire can. The most important thing even over the venue though is that you and your partner have one of the most important days of your lives in comfort so that you can spend the rest of your lives together never forgetting the day you made it all official.

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