Day 10: How To Accessorise Your Suit

Here it is another cheeky ‘How To Blog’, today we are going to be talking about to to accessorise your suit if that’s your wedding suit, race suit, wedding guest suit, holiday suit etc etc. I have wrote down my top ways on how to take your suit from a dull Dwight grey office suit to a perfectly accessorised Chuck Bass suit.

Firstly a quick and easy way of accessorising your suit is by picking a tie and hanky that compliments your suit well. For example when having a dark navy or black suit a lighter pastel colours will stand out from the darkness of the suit.

Another fun way of accessorising your suit, Is by adding colourful sock just like one of our weddings did:

A popular way to make your suit stand out from the rest, would be to add patterns and different textures. This can be created by mixing shirt patterns, ties & hanks even by mixing your jacket, trouser, overcoat or waistcoat. Take a look at how I did it here:

The idea is always to pick out something to tie it all together, For example in both of these pictures I have tied them in by using navy and beige tones. I have carried this colour palette throughout the tie patterns, waistcoats and hanks.

Here are some more amazing looks that others have created using this method:

If waistcoats are not your thing there is one cheeky tricky you can do add to your two piece…

Gentleman Suspenders 

No belt no problem! Picking out the colour/pattern of your braces is very important to continue the flow of the look. Red tie… red braces, Navy suit… Navy braces or like I said in my last point of adding textures, go for some spotty braces like this gentleman has on the left.


What is the thing we all most certainly look at when we are meeting up with friends, going on a date or even ‘people watching’ (we all do this too). We look straight down to the floor and check out what shoes everyone has slipped on that day. So take this advice and pick well when pulling out a pair of shoes to go with your look, every great pair of leather shoes always needs the matching leather belt.













Gold or silver tie clips & fob chains are my new favourite way off adding more flare to the top half of your suit… The tie clip is originally used to keep your tie and shirt pressed together. A fob chain is originally attached to a pocket watch and the chain is then attached to your waistcoat pocket and threaded through your second button. If you have no pocket watch that isn’t a problem as you can just attach your fob chain to the pocket by the clasp.

Lapel pins are inserted to your button holes located on your left lapel next to your handkerchief pocket. These pins are all diverse in patterns, colours and designs. A boutonniere is a formal lapel accessory made with a live flower, modern lapel faux flowers can also be fashioned from fabrics like wool or silk. Don’t wear a boutonniere to the office, save this suit accessory for formal celebratory occasions: formal dances, weddings, holiday parties.

Here are some I have picked out…

Obviously every suit must have a shirt, but this does not been you have to pop on the same off-white shirt you repeatedly order from Asos. Shirts come in all different colours and patterns so stretch your self to go out and pick something different to what you would usually where. A pink shirt, yes a pink shirt is what you are ordering after reading this, as every real man should own a pink shirt. A pink shirt goes a very long way improving your wardrobe,  a pink shirt looks great with a navy, grey or cream suit (see below)


Cufflinks are a formalwear accessory that serves both functional and decorative purposes. Like buttons, they come in many styles, shapes, sizes, and materials. Traditionally, cufflinks are associated with formal eveningwear (black tie or white tie) when a dress shirt with French cuffs is worn. You’ll also spot them in business settings from time to time. where are they worn? On the cuffs of your dress shirts, of course – specifically, through the buttonholes. The purpose of s cufflink is to hold the cuffs closed, when the shirt is not made with buttons sewn directly onto the cuffs.



Lastly an elegant time piece is made to be worn with a suit, so if you haven’t got one borrow one of Dad or Grandfather.

Thats it for todays blog follow these steps and you will be on the next casting for 007. Next blog coming up I will be talking about the races!

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