Day 4 Tweed & Contrasting Waistcoats

Happy Saturday everyone! Let’s talk about contrasting waistcoats. We will be talking today about tweed & contrasting waistcoats; a trick we are finding very useful when adding a bit more to your suits.

  If you didn’t get a chance to have a read of yesterday’s blog, pop over for some more info on brown tweeds. Today we are talking about tweeds with contrasting waistcoats. The best part about tweed is that the texture immediately livens up any suit combination. You can go for full block colour tweed, tweed with a contrasting waistcoat or for a classic lounge style with a tweed waistcoat. As long as you keep it consistent through the weave of the fabric or pick up on the right colours, you’ve got a world of options.

Our collection of tweed suits has been growing immensely popular in recent years, it’s a great way to shake up tradition and give your big day that rustic feel. Contrasting your waistcoat to compliment your suit colour gives the groom the opportunity to stand out from his groomsmen while maintaining a uniformed look. By picking up on the colour scheme of the flowers and the bridesmaids, a contrasting waistcoat can tie a whole party’s look together. Having that extra special waistcoat can take a suit from racewear to wedding day in an instant. 

We have a number of options in our stores for all seasons. Sharp summer tweeds can offer an added dimension to your look and give you an opportunity to pull in other colours in your colour scheme. Our Dion Tweed for example has a base colour of deep teal with a champagne trim, by pairing this with a brown tweed waistcoat you are highlighting the colour of the trim and the faint natural colours within the weave of the fabric. If you were then to accessorise with a burgundy tie you would be picking up on the red flecks found in the teal of the material.

Take a look at the Tweed section of our website to see what combinations we have on offer.

=Thank you for reading, we will be blogging tomorrow about summer weddings and how to dress a wedding abroad written by our Chester team.

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