Lounge Suit- Our Guide

The chosen blog post for today is Lounge suits, to us this is one of the more popular choices for wedding. Your options are endless. The one thing all lounge suits have in common is their smart appeal.



History of the Men’s Lounge Suit

Even though it has origins going all the way back to the simplified dress codes established by Britain’s King Charles II in the 17th century, the modern lounge suit didn’t really take off until about 200 years later, in the late 19th century. That was when the rigid sartorial standards of the Victorian era loosened up to make way for comfortable, stylish menswear. The modern lounge suit was thus born, touting a distinguished and flattering aesthetic, but nevertheless comfortable fit (at least when compared to the Victorian era get-ups that came before it). As more or more men took to the corporate world throughout the 20th century, the lounge suit–also known as the business suit when darker in colour–became their apparel of choice.

Wearing a Lounge suit on your wedding day

Once you’ve found your fit, the rest should fall into place. One of the best things about a lounge suit is the chance to show off your personal sense of style.

For super-smart occasions like your wedding day when you want to turn heads, go for a three-piece lounge suit with a plain white shirt and a patterned tie, then add a pocket square to look even more sophisticated.

Want to add more focus on the Groom 

The waistcoat is definitely a focal point, you can transform what would otherwise be an ordinary suit into a statement piece by using a contrasting waistcoat. STAND OUT from the rest. Feeling more adventurous introduce a contrast jacket too.

Let us show you some examples of how our Grooms have used this contrast method.




Here at Groom we have a very large range of Lounge suits, blue is highly popular whether this be a rich dark navy or more a mid/royal blue. We also have black, Grey again we go from our charcoal tone to a more silver tone, then we also do check too.

How to wear a 3 piece suit?

  • Jacket can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned.

  • The waistcoat must always be worn buttoned all the way up, leaving the bottom button open. In the past the open bottom button prevented the waistcoat from riding-up when on horseback. Today the custom prevails to avoid stress to the garment caused by the expanding of the midsection when sitting down.

  • The waistcoat must be the correct length, covering the waistband of the trousers, but not going far below it.

  • Never wear a belt with a 3 piece suit, to avoid the waistcoat bunching up.

  • A 3 piece suit is never worn with a double breasted jacket as it would create too many layers to the front. A double breasted jacket also completely hides the waistcoat, defeating the purpose of wearing one.

  • If wearing a tie, it must be worn under the waistcoat, not outside of it.

Hope you enjoyed this blog we have more to come!


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