Olive and Grey Suits

What colour suit should I wear for my wedding?


The suit you wear for your wedding needs to reflect your personal style and colouring. The colour of your suit is massively important as it can change the whole look and dynamic of the day. The shade you chose will be dependant on the time of year you are getting married. When you picture a wedding suits I am sure the traditional tones of black, navy and grey pop into your head however there are so many more options out there. the suit you go for may be swayed by the time of year. In summer a light-coloured suit is usually worn in various shades of blue’s, grey’s and cream’s likewise in winter darker shades of grey’s, brown’s and navy’s are preferred.


Don’t just choose one colour

We often mix and match suits so a groom can wear a different waistcoat to the rest of his party, this contrast not only sets him apart from the crowd but also allows him to have more depth in his suit with two colour tones. The two shades allow you to explore more colour options and allow experimentation with what will work on the day. By everyone wearing a 3-piece suit with matching waistcoats apart from the groom it is evident just by glancing at a photo who the groom is.

a wedding we did earlier this year, the groom had our navy suit with an ivory waistcoat.



Green suits

Is a green suit in fashion at the moment? Yes, green is defiantly the wedding colour of 2023 from a dark forest green to a lighter sage green. The sound of a green suit may come as a shock to many however it is defiantly a colour that is on the rise in the wedding industry at the moment. A forest green suit and sage tie work incredibly well with a sage bridesmaids dress. A green suit is something many would not wear casually, which will give you that special wedding day feeling when you put it on.

our olive green suit with sage bridesmaids

white wedding

White is often a colour that is overlooked by a groom as there is a stigma that a groom can’t wear white because he would distract from the bride however, we disagree with this and firmly believe white will allow the groom and bride to stand out from the crowd together. Tuxedos are increasingly popular for a wedding however many believe a plain black tuxedo doesn’t stand out enough, which is why we introduce to you a white tuxedo option to allow you to stand out while blending in with the colours of the wedding.

white tuxedo


A tie can make or break the suit on the day and should always be an important part of the suit. when choosing the colour of the suit you should always consider the colour tie you are going to wear. If you would like your tie to match the bridesmaids, the colour of the suit must compliment that colour. if there is no set tie it is easier to work the other way round and find a tie that compliments the suit you decide on. This way allows you to explore what suit colours work with the theme and will make you look a million dollars on your big day.

grey herringbone tails with a champagne waistcoat

what next?

With all that being said finding your perfect suit is something that can’t be done online it will require you to try on and see what works for you, here at groom that is exactly what we offer. Book an appointment in one of our three stores ( Warrington, Liverpool or Chester) with one of our experienced sales co ordinations to start your journey to find the right suit for you.


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