Choosing the right shoes for your wedding day

The summer months are predestined for weddings. But on the day of all days, not only the wedding dress attracts everyone’s attention, but also the matching accessories. While the bridal shoes often remain hidden under tons of tulle and lace, the groom’s footwear can tip the scales. This blog will give you tips on which men’s shoes are suitable for the path to the altar and also look fabulous for your first dance.

The bridal couple determines the dress code

A special day also requires a special wardrobe and not only from the bride. In general, the wedding couple determines the dress code, but most prospective spouses still keep it classic in the dress code: The bride wraps herself in a white or cream wedding dress, while the groom reaches for the dinner suit. So far so good. But it is also important to find the right accessories and wedding shoes.

Apart from personal taste, the venue and the general style of the wedding play a decisive role in the choice of clothes and shoes. Does the wedding take place in the church or in the registry office? Is it a free wedding ceremony in the countryside or even on the beach? Are the rooms lavishly decorated or deliberately kept simple? The dress code should of course do justice to the festive occasion, but may also reflect the individual style of the bridal couple.

For the traditional wedding wardrobe

It goes without saying that the groom’s shoes are necessarily matched to the suit. If it is also a classic black wedding suit, the question of the respective shoe colour is already superfluous: Only black shoes fit the black suit, the eye-catching spectator is disregarded. Fashionable upper leather colours in green, red or blue are unsuitable for the groom’s classic wedding wardrobe. On the modern business floor, brown men’s shoes have long since established themselves as a fixed instance – but a brown leather shoe with a black suit is an absolute faux pas.

For the solemn event, a gentleman should also heed another rule of thumb: the more formal the occasion, the smoother the upper part of the shoe. If a man keeps it traditional at the wedding, he dispenses with an opulent hole decoration, as is the case, for example, with the full brogue. Speaking of smooth: Due to its glamorous appearance, many men opt for a patent shoe on the day of all days. This extraordinary men’s shoe is undoubtedly a glamorous choice, but strictly speaking, it requires the use of a dinner jacket or tailcoat, i.e. the right evening wear…


Conclusion: For the classic wedding wardrobe in black, grey or anthracite, a black plain oxford or whole cut is recommended, the latter consists of a single piece of leather and is considered a symbol of the highest shoemaking art. A black Captoe Oxford with the eponymous decorative stitching on the front cap presents itself a touch more dynamic and yet highly elegant. The advantage: Even after the wedding, these men’s shoes convince in the office. Gentlemen with a high instep will find in the Derby a stylish and comfortable companion. A must, however, is an elegant outsole made of leather and the colour-coordinated men’s belt.

For the modern wedding wardrobe

More and more wedding couples are reflecting on the joyful character of a wedding and opting for a certain loosening of classic etiquette. In terms of footwear, a shapely hole pattern, i.e. the already mentioned brogues, gives the elegant shoe classic in black that certain something, after all, the groom may also stand out on the wedding day.

The modern wedding wardrobe also inspires with more courage to colour. With elegant suit fabrics in blue, brown, grey or even a summery pastel shade, a brown leather shoe fits very stylishly into the ensemble. Whether light, medium, dark brown, cognac, reddish-brown or Bordeaux ultimately determines the respective suit colour. Basically, a dark brown shoe harmonizes with the dark grey or dark blue suit, while the footwear in a lighter brown tone should also be chosen for the light counterpart.


Conclusion: For the modern wedding wardrobe in gray or anthracite, a black oxford with brogues is suitable. In addition to all other suit colours, especially shades of blue, a brown plain or cap-toe oxford is the more stylish choice. Of course, the groom is also free to use an additional decoration for a brown or burgundy shoe model. But remember: Non-black wedding shoes are in and of themselves an eye-catcher, an additional decoration, on the other hand, looks even more dynamic than the classic underdressed counterpart.

For the individual wedding wardrobe

Different countries, different customs. In Japan, France and the USA, the Spectator with its eye-catching colour-pattern arrangement already enjoys great popularity among wedding shoes. Friends of extravagance do not necessarily have to give up their personal style on the wedding day in favour of etiquette.

However, a striking pair of men’s shoes should not compete with the rest of the clothing and compete for the attention of its viewers. Carefully matched to the suit, shirt and accessories, a blue Captoe Oxford, a fascinating Two-Tone or even a dazzling glitter shoe fit into a stylish overall picture.


Conclusion: Basically, choosing the right wedding shoe ultimately remains a matter of taste. In particularly unusual cases, however, it is advisable to at least coordinate with your love to be – after all, the bride and groom also visually form a unity.

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