Creative ideas for popping the question to your bride to be

There’s more preparation behind popping the question than you think. The most popular day for a marriage proposal is (according to statistics) Christmas Eve – even before Valentine’s Day. But how do you make the perfect setting? – At a romantic dinner by candlelight? On holiday during a walk on the beach? Or in public during a film in the cinema? The possibilities and ideas for the marriage proposal are countless and although more than half of the respondents prefer a simple “Do you want to marry me?”, the ideas are becoming more and more unusual. We have put together 5 of the more creative ideas besotted grooms-to-be have come up with

1. Love is the key to the heart

During a performance in school, a video is shown to a popular teacher on screen. In it, the individual children explain what love means to them. After the last child says “Love is when you get married”, a photo series of the teacher and her boyfriend begins. He then comes to the gym, gets down on his knees and holds out the ring to her to make the proposal official.

2. Unforgettable yoga session on the paradisiacal sandy beach

A couple makes lifting figures on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The couple often film their yoga classes together – so it wasn’t unusual that the camera was on that special day. While the man acrobatically balances his girlfriend’s body on his feet, she looks briefly at the sky. At that very moment, he cleverly pulls out the ring box. When she tilts her head back and looks at him, he opens the box and presents her with the engagement ring. A marriage proposal can hardly be more original, can it?

3. Surprising flash mob in the furniture store

A man lures his partner into a furniture store under the pretext of helping him choose lights for a party. When he arrives in a back aisle, he meets friends and family dancing together to the song “Somebody Loves You” as a kind of flash mob. More and more acquaintances are added and ultimately also his partner, who kneels down and proposes to him. What a homely place for a marriage proposal!

4. Goosebumps moment with Italian charm

Very special was also the proposal of a candidate, which he made to his girlfriend in the program Traumfrau Gesucht. The candidate asks his loved one the question of all questions in the middle of Rome. Disguised as Emperor Caesar, he asks her if she wants to become his wife. Before the marriage proposal and the actual engagement, he recited a poem and of course, knelt romantically in front of her. All bystanders were also taken with this and began to clap. “It was a great feeling. Goosebumps ran down your back,” the candidate tries to put the moment into words. The image of the candidate dressed as Caesar will certainly never forget his future bride.

5. A trip over 100,000 miles for the perfect application

Jack knew at the first meeting that he wanted to marry his girlfriend. During a four-year trip around the world, in which he traveled over 28 different countries, he had the idea to record a video to make his girlfriend a very special surprise. On the evening of her college graduation, he performed the video. In the film, he performs to the song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” in front of sights all over the world. He then gets down on his knees and asks if his girlfriend wants to marry him.

6. An engagement by tattoo

Having a friend as a tattoo artist already has some advantages. A surprise tattoo may not be unusual. It is not quite so commonplace when the beloved suddenly finds a marriage proposal as a very special message of love on her ankle. And even more beautiful: from now on, this message of love carries her around with her every day and reminds her of his love.

Even if your marriage proposal should not be quite as elaborate and crazy, there are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind: In addition to the fact that you should be sensitive and authentic, planning is the be-all and end-all if you want to stop for the hand of your sweetheart. Whether you want to make the whole thing classically romantic or humorously creative, is up to you. Only you should be clear beforehand how you want to design the marriage proposal exactly. The right location also plays an important role in this. After all, a private wedding proposal with exclusivity also has its charm.

Here are some very romantic ideas on how to ask the most difficult question of your life in a very special place:

at lofty heights in a hot air balloon,
during a picnic under the stars,
as a surprise in your favourite restaurant – with the ring in champagne,
in intimate togetherness and with kneeling at home
or even the world visible as a message behind an aeroplane.

Ultimately, however, the place or idea of the marriage proposal does not matter. Either way, it will be quite exciting to ask the woman or man of your dreams the question of all questions, but be sure that the marriage proposal can become one of the most beautiful memories of your life. The main thing is that your sweetheart answers “yes” to your marriage proposal.


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