Day 12: Dinner Suits For Your Wedding Day

Dinner suits have been a wedding classic for years. Typically worn as either a three piece matching suit, a two piece jacket & trouser combination, sometimes a cummerbund. Adding some braces is also a trendy addition to the dinner suit look, many groomsmen have opted for this look. Dinner suits have evolved over the times to be slimmer fit and more versatile, with some grooms now choosing to put plain trousers with a velvet or lighter coloured jacket with a black silk lapel, or contrasting statement waistcoat.


A dinner suit is easily paired with most colours as the neutral black colour blends itself to many different wedding colour palettes. Dinner suits can be worn for weddings all year round as they are often light to medium weight in fabric. Take a look at this amazing couples wedding we did, they went for a very neutral wedding so it seemed only fitting to go for dinner suit look for the groom & groomsmen.

As black tie adds a sense of glamour and sophistication to the event, usually the most popular wedding venues for this look are grand hotels, castles and halls. A dinner suit is a great option to make the suit have an expensive appeal to it, as many celebrities have opted for this renowned look.











Dinner suits can be accessorised in lots of different ways, both to make the look more personal to you and your wedding, and also to keep the suit from looking too plain. Marcella style shirts which have a textured waffle effect and black buttons running down the front, this is a great accessory to add to a dinner suit as it is a great way to complete the look. (See below the difference in shirts)



Another eye-catching feature you can to your suit is pocket chains on the waistcoat, and silk bowties can be worn with wing or regular collar shirts. If you want a waistcoat with a different shape to the normal standard V waistcoats, we offer bow front silk waistcoats perfect for the Groom – Just like our one of grooms did below.

Whilst most prefer to opt for a black dinner suit, we have also created looks with cream, Burgundy, and navy dinner suits. Often on the opposing black suits will have a black contrast silk lapel, this is a great way of making the different shade to the suit to stand out from the black.


At groom we have a variety of dinner suit options available for hire and purchase, as well as a custom made option where the cut, fabric and details can be chosen by you. This is especially good if you want the groom to stand out and have his tailor made, and hire a suit package for the groomsmen. Here are our most popular ones…

We have since had many more added to our collection, Unfortunately thanks to Mr Covid-19 I am unable to shoot these in store for you.

Over the past couple of years our velvet dinner jackets have been a huge hit. Our velvet jackets come in a range of colours – we have forest green, burgundy, black, navy and Red. Obviously on our blog we talk a lot about ways of how to differentiate the groom from the groomsmen, so if you pick a dinner suit look for you wedding, putting the groom in a velvet jacket and the rest in a hired dinner suit creates a fantastic look.

Hope you enjoyed todays blog, on day 13 where we will be talking about what all your ushers roles are.

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