Day 17: Wedding Guest’s – What to wear?

Today’s blog is aimed at a different target audience; today I will be helping all of those wedding guests who are stuck on what to wear. Weddings of today vary in formality, for example, the most formal wedding has the expectations of guests to wear a morning suit. It has been known that super casual weddings have had guests appear in jeans, commonly known as the ‘smart casual look’ we all love.


Let’s start from the beginning with formal weddings & then onto more casual weddings…


Royal weddings are broadcasted across our little square boxes or for some people 292″ Samsung plasma, we notice that many of the guests attending are dressed in a traditional tail. The groom & groomsmen still stand out from the crowd in the same attire, as they would usually wear matching top hats and tails. They would also accessorize the suits the same with a flower lapel pin and matching ties – probably to match the bridesmaids dress colors. Below I have shown you how the groomsmen (left) may be dressed and to the right of it something more informal yet formal for the guests.

As you can see the groomsmen all match from head to toe, whereas guests usually go for the top hats and tails combination but accessorized with vibrant waistcoats, ties, & different choice in trousers. So if your invite requests you dress this formally, my advice would be to add a colorful waistcoat & tie or even a shirt. These tips will decrease the chance of you dressing the same as the groomsmen. ORRR you could just do a classic George Clooney & turn up in a grey suit like he did at one of the royals weddings…



Next on the formality scale would be a black-tie wedding, now almost always on the invitiation it will require the guest to dress black tie. So if this is the case I have got a few options for you, all you need is a black suit of some sort or you can hire one from us starting at only £60!!!! Here are my outfit ideas for you to snatch:

Full 3 piece black suit & bow tie:

2 piece black suit & bow tie:

2 piece black suit & bow tie, alternatively swap the waistcoat for a pair of braces with a cummerbund:

I know right, your thinking what the hell is a cummerbund? Well, a cummerbund is a great alternative to a waistcoat as it hides the peak of you shirt and trousers when your jacket is closed to cover your waist.

Lastly, one more look if you are feeling adventurous grab one of our velvet jacket in store. We have a vibrant red, forest green, black, burgundy and navy for you to try on. Can’t envision it take a look below:

(I think he’s getting bored of how much I use his pictures.)


MOVING ON to more relaxed yet still formal weddings. As we have already spoken about before in previous blogs, groomsmen still go for the tails look nowadays but have made them less formal by losing the Top hat & the odd cane. Usually, for a wedding like this they are located somewhere like a church so therefore a formal look would still be required from the guests.  This is where George Clooney’s grey suit would have actually been perfect. You could go for a navy, grey or black suit(maybe not your funeral suit though) Dependent on when the wedding is, if it may be summer you could opt for a waistcoat tie and trousers look. If it may be a winter wonderland wedding the 3 piece suit that’s been stuck in your wardrobe for years would be a perfect time to pull it out. if you aren’t wanting to splash out on a new three-piece suit a great option is to grab a blazer you can wear multiple times and match it up with a pair of chinos you already have at home. Heres a few looks I have pulled from Pinterest to help you out…

Most of the time you will never know what the groomsmen are going to wear to the wedding so I

would always check the invite and see where the wedding will be located. For example, in the last paragraph if it is wedding church the safe option would be to wear something like I suggested.


Most weddings will require you to wear something rather formal, in the case that it is a super casual wedding you will usually be notified via the invitation. Usually, these weddings are located in places like somebodys garden or in a trendy tipi. The more rustic look of a wedding looks great with an overall casual look. Many guests will be asked ‘to come as they are’ In this case I would suggest popping on a pair of nice jeans, boots and maybe a waistcoat.


I hope I helped ease your confusion on what to wear to your next wedding! I hope to see you looking for the best-dressed guest.


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