Day 16: Destination Weddings


For those sun-seekers out there getting married in the UK is not worth the unpromising risk. There are so many ways of creating a modern, classy look without having to sweat your way through the day in a 3 piece suit. Today I will be going through a few of our top destination weddings & different ways of creating a look for your big day.


You don’t want to end up like the rock on your big day:/



If it may be summer, spring, autumn, or even winter times, usually your destination wedding will be a picturesque sunny location. SO gone are the times of a dark heavy suit, you should be aiming to select from a range of light-weight, pale grey, soft beiges and linen styled suits. By selecting suits like this they will be more durable to the hot height you are bound to experience & help to keep you cool.

Are you one of the guys who wears a pair of shorts all year? Well, you’re in luck a destination wedding is the one for you, as you can actually get away with it, whereas usually, your wedding day is renowned to be one of the most formal days of your life.

Bit of an accessory tip for you, why not add a hat to save your head from the extreme sun rays, like these guys: you \



You definitely don’t want to end up sipping cocktails by the pool like Mr. Farrel the day before your wedding day…




Chinos look brilliant with destination weddings against a contrasting jacket and waistcoat. You don’t just have to go for the usually beige chino look, you could go a bit wilder and go for a bright vibrant color like yellow, green or red, etc etc. Suspenders to match your chinos is also a great look. (take a look at our blog we did on day 6 for some of these looks)


Many grooms have come into the store with the idea of dropping the jacket and just going for a very casual look with an open-collared crisp white or linen shirt and some smart slacks. The thing with abroad weddings is it can go any way you want depending on how formal or casual you want the overall look of the wedding to be.


Doesn’t the groom look amazing in our Prince of Wales jacket and waistcoat? The groom added black to his color pallet and completed this look by dressing himself in a black bow tie and black trousers. The look was then carried on throughout the groomsmen by dressing them in our black two-piece, black tie and the matching Prince of Wales waistcoat to the groom. These neutral tones selected by the groom looked gorgeous against the pinks and white colors of the wedding.

This wedding was as beautiful as the bride’s 1920’s glitzy dress. The Prince of Wales suit is back, with this groom opting for the full three-piece & a white bow tie to match his bride, groomsmen & best man in the Prince of Wales trousers and black suspenders with coral bow ties; The older gentlemen wore the matching waistcoat to the trousers & peach ties, this created a brilliant contrast for the overall look. As you can see the groom did go for the full three-piece, we would usually suggest this in-store as the jacket adds more formality. Don’t worry the jacket is usually flung on the back of a chair after the ceremony, you are not expected to boil.

A wonderful father & son combo <3

This couple dressed the groom & son in an ivory waistcoat to match the bride, light grey trousers and a vibrant orange scrunch complemented next to there beautiful sunflower lapel pins.


Breathtaking beach sunset photos is exactly what this beautiful couple captured. The two looked fantastic stood side by side, the groom especially in our navy Egan blue two-piece and white Hoylake waistcoat with pink swirls to match his baby pink scrunch.


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