Day 8: Celebrity Weddings

Welcome back everyone, today we are going to talk about celebrity weddings. We are going to do this in a different format today as we are going to upload our top ten celebrity weddings and talk about each look and how you can achieve this look from groom. LETS BEGIN….


Number 1: Swarve Jamie Hince & The stunning Kate Moss

This is one of my favourite rustic weddings of all time. Jamies post-war 1950’s slate grey double breasted suit was almost as eye-dropping as ‘The Kate Moss”. The look was accessorised with navy suede ankle boots, grey stripe shirt and patterned grey toned tie & lastly of course a stylish pair of ray bans. This type of look is a made to order suit of which we could create through Etch (the blog about this is coming soon I swear).


Number 2: wow wow wow – Jasper Jopling & Ellie Golding

Ellie & Jasper’s very royal look wedding was held at the York minister, the wedding its self had very cool vintage traditional feel. Jasper looked ever so dapper in his traditional tails, of which this whole look could be created by us by using our black herringone tail coat, beige double breasted waistcoat, Grey smartwool trousers, a crisp white shirt and lastly our airforce blue tie with a pin to accessorise.


Number 3: 1/3 of our childhood heart throb brothers… Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra.

This was an expensive show stopping wedding from the start with Priyanka’s wedding ring costing around $300,000 plus it took two wedding ceremonies and four days to get it accomplished. Here Nick is seen to be wearing some sort of crushed velvet navy dinner jacket with a black bow tie and trousers. This look could be matched from us by wearing our navy velvet jacket and multiple choice of black bow ties and trousers we have in store to choose from.


Number 4: KIMYE

Of course these two icons had to make an appearance, whilst this was Kims lucky number 3 wedding this was Kanye West’s first wedding and he definitely smashed the look first time round . Kanye went for a very clean smart black dinner suit look opting for a cumberband instead of a waistcoat. This look can be put together in our store by purchasing our amazing black Torre suit, or maybe you want to go down the hiring route then we would suggest going for the black Skopes two piece or even add a bit of check and go for the black Newman.


Number 5: Russell Wilson ft. ‘Love Sex Ma…rriage’ – Ciara

A HOLLYWOOD WEDDING IN LITTLE CHESHIRE… yes that’s right the Wilsons said there vows at the amazing Peckforton Castle in Tarporley. This princess wedding obviously had to have a Prince Charming… Russell opted for a tradition white tie look. We have done many weddings like this, we start by creating this look with our slim fit black berutti tails then finishing the look by adding a white tie waistcoat and white bow tie.


Number 6: The Beibers

After an intense, months-long love affair and whirlwind engagement, Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber quietly tied the knot at a New York City courthouse in 2018. Justin and Hailey tied the knot for a second time at a traditional wedding ceremony, one year after getting officially married. The Christian ceremony took place at luxury waterfront resort Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. Similar to Kanye Justin has opted fo the 007 black dinner suit.


Number 7: Billie Faires and Gregory Shepard – The wedding Diary

A paradise wedding held in Maldives was brought to our screens last year, where we got the full insight to this crazy beautiful wedding. Greg and the lads went for the popular destination wedding beige suit look. Greg added a beige double breasted waistcoat adding some more formality to the whole ensemble. The look can be duplicated by purchasing our beige Miami suit or even creating it from start to finish on our Etch scheme.

Number 8: John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

These two are the funniest celebrity couple on Twitter & Instagram… If you don’t already follow them I suggest you do right now. Chrissy’s Thai heritage meant the wedding in Italy was full of traditional Thai Phuang Malai Flowers. ANOTHER dinner suit look of course, this seems to be a on going occurrence with these celebs. John has changed things up bit from the rest by adding a white bow tie, something we find to be very common with previous wedding when finding ways for the groom to differentiate his suit from the groomsmen.


Number 9: Kacey Musgraves & Ruston Kelly

This singing country cowboy due had a charming Tennessee wedding in 2017. The wedding was filled with green and earthy tones which coincided perfectly with Ruston’s Green Velvet dinner jacket. We have an identical one in store which is constantly flying out of course you can see why.

LASTLY.. Number 10: The Beckhams



……Joking. Here is our real Number 10: Kit Harrington & Rose Leslie

This one is for all you GOT fans like myself, I think we were all as shocked as the Joffrey having a sip of that wine, the day we got our hands on these wedding photos of the GOT love birds. Kit looked amazing with his famous long curly brown locks & traditional Black Tails with a pin stripe pair of trousers. Too achieve this look from groom we would go for the black herringbone tail jacket or black berutti jacket, our pin stripe trousers and beige double breasted waistcoat. Kit also added a Forest green knitted tie and white hankie which looked fantastic next to Rose’s beautiful lace dress.


I hope you enjoyed todays blog, On day 9 we will be talking about our most popular suits with some added extra Peaky Blinders talk.

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