Day 7: Casual & Modern Tails

So, we have already talked about traditional tails look in our first blog if you missed it go check it out, so today we are talking about Casual & Modern Tails.

Gone are the days of an ill fitting suit, modern tails are now available in a contemporary slim fit and range of colours and accessories to create the perfect look.
Whilst tails are the most elegant form of dress for a wedding, you don’t always have to stick to a traditional look, you can give it a more unto date look, with celebrities like Bradley Cooper and david Beckham rocking the tails look, more and more people are choosing this option and mixing it up with textured waistcoats and ties to create their own individual style.
oh… & here’s a picture of Bradley Cooper in a tail…. :
When grooms come into store, a common saying is ‘oh he is too short for tails’, ’they are old fashioned’ ’They look like a funeral suit’. In our experience a well fitting tail will far outshine any lounge suit. It is surprising how many people change their mind once we have dressed them and added an individual touch!
At Groom, we have a fabulous range of slim fit tails, ranging in modern colours of silver. mid blue, grey, black, silver, navy and charcoal. Our newest range ‘Barrutti” is a slim lightweight tails suit with flat fronted slim cut trousers. This suit is available in Black, Grey and a beautiful Royal Blue.
With more and more brides and grooms opting for a themed wedding, such as rustic, peaky blinders, couples are mixing it up wearing the tails suit with a trendy tweed waistcoat to contrast. A trendy  tie to contrast or even a bow tie will give your wedding that modern vibe!
Why not try matching tweed trousers with matching waistcoat, add a plain tail on top of that and the look is modern and individual.
We have done lots of weddings where we have combined different trousers with different tail jackets – we have even created a look of tails with Jeans, which was a great look.
As a groom, you may want to look more individual than your groomsmen -for this look, we would recommend a tweed waistcoat for groom and perhaps the rest fo the party in the waistcoat that matches the suit. Again, the ties and accessories such as tie pin, chain, and handkerchief will bring the look together. Gone are the days of everything matching, we are styling more and more grooms with tweed ties, pheasant ties, flower ties and stag ties. Anything goes!  It is the small details that complete  the look!
So if you have an idea of how you want to look – contact your nearest store and our wedding coordinators will book you in and help bring your ideas to reality…….

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