Day Six: How To Wear Chinos On Your Wedding Day

Suits with chinos has become very popular in the recent years this has probably been due to weddings becoming more and more casual. By adding a chino to a matching two piece jacket and waistcoat combination it creates a contrast, This is a look found to be trending at many race meets.

Beach and abroad weddings, aswell as outdoor and barn venues are usually the most likely venues where a more dressed down outfit would be worn.  






Popular 2 piece looks with the chino amongst our three shops are our Grey/Brown albert suits, Ascari, Miles, Del Ray, Caridi and Carnegi. All of our suits can be sold separately this gives people the opportunity to then mix and match the suits and create that contrasting look. We also offer a service called Etch where we can create made to order suits from the lining to the style of button you like, we will be talking more about this service in another blog.





Ways to tie in the chino and two piece suit is by adding a tie and hankie that are the same colour or compliment the colour of the chino for example navy. We would also suggest picking out a colour from the check in the suit to match the colour of the chino.

If you want to be even more casual how about scrapping the waistcoat and jacket and just going for the chino, shirt, bow tie and a shirt just like these guy (usually a fantastic option for the groomsmen):

 If you would like to add some formality to the look add a jacket for the groom, just like these did:

Lastly another suggestion we could give Is to swap the chino material to the jacket and have a more check/ tweedy look to the trousers just like this combo we have put together-












We hope you enjoyed todays blog, we hope to see you join us at tomorrows blog where we will be talking about creating a more dressed down look whilst still opting to wear tails.

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