What should you wear as a wedding-guest?

Finding a casual wedding outfit for men is sometimes not so easy. In order to cut a good figure at the next wedding, there are some rules to follow.

Whether church wedding, black-tie dress code or beach wedding, the mens’ outfits are just as important as those of the women. The official dress code, season and location of the wedding give clues as to how to dress. Do without the no-gos to give the bride and groom an unforgettable day.

The wedding dress codes at a glance


Black Tie: The wedding guest outfit for the man at this dress code is a black tuxedo with vest or sorrow waistband, black bow tie and black patent shoes. Individuality gives you cufflinks or a handkerchief.

White Tie: In the most formal of all dress codes, you wear a tailcoat, a white tailcoat shirt with a flap collar, as well as a white silk bow tie and black patent shoes. Also, a vest and a white handkerchief should not be missing.

Cocktail: If the dress code is called ‘Cocktail’, you wear a dark suit in blue or grey and a light shirt with dark leather lace-up shoes. The tie may provide variety as a discreet eye-catcher with colour or pattern.

Smart Casual: Here the wedding outfit for men can be casual. But this still means that you wear a jacket and lace-up shoes or Budapester with fabric trousers. If the company is a bit looser, dark jeans can also be worn without washing.


The wedding guest outfit for every season


Spring: On a warm spring day, a lighter suit goes well with a coloured tie or bow tie. If the winter still has a noticeable effect on the weather, you wear a dark suit in blue or grey with coloured accessories.

Summer: The wedding outfit for the man in summer may be accordingly. A light suit (not white!) made of linen or cotton will save you from sweating. An elegant sun hat can be worn to match.

Autumn: Accessories or a suit in autumnal colours reflect the season. If the celebration takes place outdoors, an elegant coat should not be missing.

Winter: A dark suit and noble accessories are the right wedding outfit for the man in winter. Winter weddings usually take place indoors. An elegant shirt is indispensable here if the jacket is taken off at some point while dancing.


Wedding guest outfits for men for every location


In the church

At a church wedding, the right wedding guest outfit for the man is a traditional look. A classic dark suit with a white shirt and tie or bow tie is the right choice here. Alternatively, you can also use grey or dark blue.

At the registry office

For the civil wedding, the wedding outfit for the man may be sporty. This means Smart Casual: jacket with fabric trousers or a casual suit. The exception is a predetermined dress code.

On the beach

At a beach wedding, an outfit for men is correspondingly summery. Make sure to still be festive and dressed according to the occasion. A light jacket with matching fabric trousers is standard. It becomes a little looser in linen trousers to the shirt or polo shirt in bright colours.

The no-gos for your outfit as a wedding guest


Unusual looks

The rule of thumb at weddings is that the bridal couple is the focus. The wedding outfit for men may be modern. But refrain from extravagant clothing that steals the show from the happy couple.


White suits or jackets

The colour white is taboo for both female and male wedding guests. The exception is a corresponding colour motto. White flowers on the lapel are also a no-go because only grooms are allowed to do that.


Ignoring the dress code

A casual wedding outfit for men should nevertheless always be based on the event and the wishes of the bridal couple. Do without trainers, everyday clothes and stick to the colour motto, should there be one.

If there is no dress code on the invitation, you can’t go wrong with a classic suit in grey, dark blue or black. A white shirt and a simple tie complete the look. If the wedding has a certain theme such as the 20s, hippie or Middle Ages, you naturally follow it. If you adhere to these rules, the right outfit for the wedding as a guest and man is quickly found.

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