Day 14: How to Stand Out From Your Groomsmen

In the past, many of the parties that we have done, all had the groom and the ushers in the same suits. In recent years the groom & the best man would be the same, where as now we are finding it is just the groom who wears a contrast from the rest. Todays blog isn’t telling you to follow these suggestions as many weddings today are still having everyone in the same outfits. If you are however a groom who wants to stand out Β from the rest of your groomsmen then carry on reading…

We have found our most popular way of making the groom stand out is – once the groom has chosen his suit if that maybe a grey, tweed or beige suit, the groomsmen are then placed in a navy suit we hire and the matching waistcoat to the grooms chosen suit. If you cannot picture it take a look at weddings we have done with this look:

A father & son matching combination is always a must in store. A sweet way of doing this is by having the same coloured neckwear or even matching waistcoat if that is what differs the grooms suit from the others. Here we have a father and son who have match by both wearing purple scrunches.


If you would like to have the same suit as your groomsmen if that is a navy suit, a subtle way of creating a contrast is by putting the groom in an ivory waistcoat, this is usually done to compliment the brides ivory dress.

Other subtle way of differing your suit is by putting the groom in a bow tie and the rest in a tie or vice versa:

Β OR you could even just add a slight change to the colour of your grooms neckwear, just as this groom has gone for the light green scrunch (below) and placed the groomsmen in the full ivory combo. The reason for the groom adding the splash of colour instead of matching the bride in the full ivory, is that the hint of colour really stands out on the camera; which will be making your groom stand out on the day.






If you would like to be strikingly different from the groomsmen, you could even opt to have a completely different suit, like we did for these guys –

If you are planning a spring/summer wedding, sometimes putting everyone in a full 3 piece suit maybe asking a bit too much of your groomsmen. We have found the groom tend to opt for a full piece then place some groomsmen in a waistcoat or even just add an accessory like some braces to keep the formality of the look. Just like these guys did here, this contrast usually looks fantastic with bow ties.

If you would like to really go for the contrast look, why not swap the waistcoat to match the grooms suit with the groomsmen’s waistcoat.. confused.. me too, just take a look at the picture below too see what I’m babbling on about.

Tail suits also look great with a contrast for the groom, this can be created by changing the tie, the waistcoat or even a different coloured jacket. The wedding we did in the picture below opted for just a change in tie for the groomsmen.Β Usually you will find that the groomsmen will be suited in a tie that matches the bridesmaids dress colour & the groom will be in an ivory or white to match the bride.

A way to bring your tail coat to the 21st century is by matching a contrasting waistcoat and trouser with a plain coloured tail coat. This look can also be used when picking your contrast from the groomsmen, as you would then place your groomsmen in the matching colour trouser to your tail, you will be sure to stand out by choosing this look.

(Pring of Wales trousers and waistcoat & Egan tail)

LASTLY, Β I have gathered some images off of our instagram @groomformal where we have created some looks for you guys to try and imagine what your grooms party could be wearing on the big day:

Here are some with exchanged waistcoats

(Ascari waistcoat & Carnegi suit)

(Navy db waistcoat & Caridi suit)

& here are some with the popular navy suit option…

(Miles suit)

Below is some more options where your could mix some more looks, for example put the groom in the full grey suit, the dads and best man in the grey waistcoat and navy suit, then place the ushers in the full navy three piece…

(Prince of Wales suit & blue Berutti suit)

I hope you learnt something from todays blog, if you were thinking of creating one of these looks. Day 16: is an exciting one for us where we will be talking about same sex marriages and looks we have done in the past. See you tomorrow πŸ™‚

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