Day 15: LGBTQ+ Weddings


“Should we match?”… “Should we wear something with a contrast”…”Should we wear different coloured suits” “Should we dress similar to the groomsmen”… These are the most commonly asked questions we get from couples when it comes to deciding their ideal wedding looks. The good news is that at GROOM, our staff can help create infinite combinations, tailored perfectly to your big day!

Over the years we’ve found that the most effective styles our couples opt for are those that contrast whilst still complimenting one another. I’ve chosen a few of our favourites for you to browse.

Below Tony & Nathan decided to go for the matching look and chose to wear our black herringbone tail with a grey tweed waistcoat, finishing off the look with our wine-coloured tie and hankies. Take a look at these stunning photos…


Photographed by: Adam Joe Roberts


One of our funnest weddings we did was when this wonderful couple tied the knot at a theme park… YES a theme park.. how cool! One of the guys wore our brown Albert tweed three piece & the other went for a navy herringbone tail with a top hat and a matching brown tweed waistcoat to his husbands.

Photographed by: Shot by Amy

I came across this picture when writing up this blog, I thought the use of the pyro in the LGBTQ+ renowned rainbow colours was icon! Well done to you guys <3





NO WE DO NOT JUST DO MENS SUITS! We have numerous ways we can create feminine fittings to the suits we have in store – through our alteration system. We also have a ‘made to order’ service and a ‘made to measure’ service which will give you a suit that fits inch to inch. Many A-listers have glamorised the suit look for women around the world. We cannot forget this Cara Delevingne moment at the royal wedding.

Or an SJP Moment where she played a best man at her friends wedding…












Below our lovely customer purchased multiple black dinner suits for her groomsmen, then opted for some black velvet jackets for herself and her bridesmaids. We altered the jackets to create a mid-arm length and followed this look into the trousers. The bridesmaids were dressed in the pink bow ties to compliment the weddings them. The bride wore the navy bow tie, to modernise the look, the ladies added a pair of heels each which looked fantastic with their altered quarter length trousers.




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